Technology: Part of Scouting

Technology is now an important part of Sports. Just look at the modern golf clubs, the baseball bats and the hockey sticks, just to skim the surface. Equipment is much stronger yet lighter and, in some cases more protective. It was inevitable that technology would become a part of scouting and recruiting as well.

Technology in sports was always attractive to me. In 1985, as an assistant coach with the Los Angeles Kings, I was a pioneer in using technology in the NHL. I worked with a computer programmer in creating a program which would record live statistics, including time on ice. It had never been done before. We succeeded but it was a long and difficult process based on what computers could do at that time.

Well, after many years, I’m back, and now working with HOCKEY TECH, a Company who deals with data, statistics and information.

I recently accepted to become Product Development Coordinator with Hockey Tech and .U.S. Head Scout with ISS (International Scouting Service) a subsidiary of HOCKEY TECH.

HOCKEY TECH was formed when Stu Seigel, a former owner of the Florida Panthers, purchased RINKNET and joined it with ISS and later on with NEXT TESTING

What a great insight! Stu had a vision and the merging of all three Companies is very compatible and offers a great service.

RINKNET provides the scouting software for the NHL. It is the “Scouts’ Bible”. I used it for many years as an NHL Pro Scout. Other subscribers include the Canadian Hockey League and the United States Hockey League. Many NCAA teams, agents and other leagues use RinkNet as their primary source of information for anything to do with hockey and lets scouts write their reports in a user friendly fashion.

ISS complements Rinknet by adding scouting information to the already existing data. We have over 40 scouts scanning North America and Europe providing reports and information on hockey players. We provide priority lists for the NHL draft, CHL drafts, USHL drafts addition to thousands of scouting reports which managers and scouts can refer to.

For the first time this year, we are producing a college free agent and CHL overage list to help minor Professional league teams in their recruiting and scouting.

NEXT TESTING adds to the services that HOCKEY TECH provides. Young players can get tested with on ice computerized tests and several off ice tests to add to their portfolio of data. We will be running combines across North America to test players. Their data will be included into the RinkNet basin of information viewed by more than 4,000 scouts and managers across North America and Europe. They will be able to compare their “numbers” with others of the same age group who go through the tests.

I’m very excited to be a part of this growing industry, one that provides great services to everybody in the Hockey World!


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