Natalie Myre Album Release
“Breaking Forward”
Natalie Myre
Singer/Songwriter, Natalie Myre will launch her first Album of Original Songs entitled “Breaking Forward”. The official release was be celebrated with two LIVE PERFORMANCES, June 5th and 8th at Davenport’s, in Chicago.

Information on how to obtain a hard copy or a digital copy of “Breaking Forward” is available on Natalie’s website (

Natalie attended Northwestern University where she pursued her passion for the arts and studied musical theater. Already an accomplished piano player, she decided to learn how to play the guitar and, in a moment of true inspiration, she discovered her love for telling stories as herself more than she does as a character and started writing her own songs.

A very talented singer and musician, she has an innate and passionate way to express herself in her songs. Her “Pop/Blues” style is sure to entertain and inspire her listeners. Whether at a live performance or simply listening to her songs, you will get to know Natalie as a passionate, sensitive but yet determined women who enjoys making people happy and inspire them to take action through her music.

Completing this project showed a great deal of determination and entrepreneurship as she financed this production with the help of “backers” who contributed to her Kickstarter Project, along with investing some of her own money. She’s very appreciative to all those who believed in her vision.

Natalie shares the stage with these amazing musicians:
Jacob Sweet, Guitar – Michael Krayniak, Bass – Steve Gillis, Drums, – Josh Lava and Vijay Tellis-Nayak, Piano – Jed Feder, Percussion – Devin DeSantis, Vocals

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