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Updated: Dec 12, 2018

For the last few days, I watched the ceremonies surrounding the funeral of President George H. W. Bush, 41st President of the United States. OK! I was "encouraged" by Nicole to watch it as a rare event that few of us get to see in a lifetime. However, once I started watching, I couldn’t stay away. Among the “Pomp and Pageantry” warranted to a former President, there was a love fest and a simplicity present that kept me wanting more.

All the presenter / eulogists were very eloquent, but also very sincere in their tribute to a man who was truly a patriot, a family man and a person of principles. The words integrity, honesty, love, friendship, devotion, humor and faith resonated repeatedly from the people who knew him best. Whether he was a good President or not seemed irrelevant and was not the main focus. The theme was absolutely about the good person, the "good guy" that he was. His love of family and country was primarily evident.

The ceremonial armed forces, the choirs, the soloists, the clergy, the churches, Air Force One and the train, 4141, all contributed to the pageantry and in making the event very special and memorable.

President Bush was surely a rich man. Not in material possessions but in

family, friends and the many people who loved and respected him for who he was as a person, not just as "41".

Finally, it proved one more time that I should listen to my wife more often...

Bush "41" family

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