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Updated: Nov 27, 2018

I watched some of the game when the Washington Capitals defeated the Boston Bruins 7-0 on NHL opening night. Looked like an easy win for the Caps. It led to believe that they picked up right where they left off after winning the Stanley Cup last Spring. On the next night, they lost a game 7-6 to the Pittsburgh Penguins. I’ve seen it happen so many times throughout my career. Individuals or teams letting their guards down following a big win or a big achievement.

When I became a coach, I understood much better why Scotty Bowman was always tougher and more demanding on the team when we were winning. One of his most famous quotes proves his philosophy: “Never let your team be satisfied!”

Compliancy is the biggest enemy of success!

I lived it myself. After playing 14 years straight in the NHL, I played for the Rochester Americans of the AHL during my last two years. Early in my first season, I had to play a game on the day that the movers were delivering our furniture and didn’t get my usual rest and preparation time because of the activity in the house. I downplayed it and even participated in moving furniture. I figured that as an NHL GOALIE, I could handle a minor league game without preparation. WRONG! I gave up 7 goals in a team loss and learned a valuable lesson. I went on losing only one game in my next 20 outings.

We must always be prepared physically and mentally when competing. Otherwise, well prepared opponents will take advantage.

Make this day the best that it can be!

Phil Myre

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