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Goaltending made simple!

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Phil’s 5 Commandments of Goaltending

by Phil Myre • 

The best way to achieve consistency and to be successful in conquering a difficult task is to simplify its concept. I often ask people if they know the difference between SIMPLE AND EASY. Following different descriptions from my audience, I give the example of Goaltending and Golf. Two simple tasks but certainly not easy ones.

I simplified the art of goaltending into five very simple elements that I call:


1. EYE ON THE PUCK:   Just like catching a ball, you must focus on the puck from start to finish: from the time the stick makes contact to when it finally hits you.

2. BODY ON THE PUCK: That simply means that you need to be in good position with the puck lined up in the middle of your body and knowing where your net is.

3. LET THE PUCK HIT YOU: Simplify your game and have patience. The puck will come to you; you don’t have to chase it. Overactive goalies often get out of position and have to rely on reflexes too much.

4. CONTROL REBOUNDS: If you have to give a rebound, try to control where it goes. It needs to be in the least dangerous area where the opponents are least likely to get the puck and make an easy play.

5. RECOVERY: This is very important. You must be ready for the next shot quickly and effectively.

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